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Welcome to the EMMA Numeracy Portal

On 7 May 2009 EMMA was awarded the bronze medal for creativity and innovation in the Grundtvig action of the EU Lifelong Learning Programme. The award ceremony was part of the conference on Innovation and Creativity in the Lifelong Learning Programme in Prague. Lars Gustafsson (NCM, SE) and Hanne Christensen (Vox, NO) represented EMMA at the conference.

Click this link to see pictures from the event.

This portal is maintained by a European consortium (see Partners) and supported by the Grundtvig 4 action of the Socrates Programme.

The EMMA Network intends to pay attention to difficulties with numeracy. Numeracy is the knowledge and skills required to effectively manage and respond to the mathematical demands of diverse situations. Even in countries with a high level of awareness about this issue, we find that education and training providers are often at a loss to find adequate strategies, approaches and didactical methods that will help adults, at individual level or as employees, reach a higher level of numeracy.

European researchers, experts and policy makers need to network to be able to:

  • raise awareness of the scope of the problem and of possible remedial strategy
  • exchange research results, experiences about good practices, and new didactic approaches
  • discuss new recommendations that can be implemented by policy makers

If you are an educator, researcher or policy maker working in the field of adult numeracy, you are welcome to browse our pages and to join the network by making use of the portal's interactive areas.
If you are working in a related project, at national or international level, which is not yet presented in our pages, we will appreciate that you get in touch with us!

Last updated: 05 june 2009.

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