New Basic Skills (NBS), as described in the EU's Memorandum on Lifelong Learning and in the Commission’s Communication “MAKING A EUROPEAN AREA OF LIFELONG LEARNING A REALITY” comprise traditional basic skills including literacy and numeracy and also new skills (IT skills, foreign languages, entrepreneurship and social skills: communication, team-working, negotiation, etc.)

European workers, particularly those with low to medium levels of formal education, need to develop these NBS at the working place in a frame they can see as relevant to their work situation through tools that are user-friendly, interesting and motivational.

Internet-based Problem Solving Role-play is a short term activity which has been used in formal academic education and which may provide an innovative and stimulating way of fulfilling these specific educational needs at the work place, but the model needs to be developed both regarding scripts (problem topics relating to specific occupational sectors) and didactic/organisational approach.

Example of this model